Tui Na With Qi Sense

Tui Na is a an invigorating and deep therapeutic massage based on Chinese Medicine Theory.

The intention of Tui Na is to restore balance through unblocking the channels that have been blocked by tension and poor movement mechanics and habits. We use a variety of techniques to stimulate your body's Acupuncture points and energy channels to get your Qi flowing smoothly and address specific internal illnesses as well as physical problems.

You don't need to remove clothing in traditional Tui Na massage (other than coats, shoes and jewellery) as the massage is generally done with you covered with a cotton sheet or directly over your clothing. 

The therapy is also suitable at a young age as it is the first choice of treatment for infants and children in China.

Tui Na massage can be done on it's own as a therapy or combined with Traditional Acupuncture to enhance the effects of both. 

 A Bit of Background

Tui Na has been in use for over 2000 years.

Many different schools of Tui Na developed over China, each with their own unique style which significantly influenced the techniques we use in Tui Na today.

 Our Approach to Tui Na

The massage techniques are rooted in and guided by the therapists years of energy cultivation practices which make our Tui Na therapy a truly authentic energetic massage.

Qi sense, Tui Na treatment on patient by therapist

Why Tui Na

What sets Tui Na apart from other forms of massage is that we tap into the same energy channels and Acu-points as Traditional Acupuncture. We focus on your physical body as well as the changes of the qi levels of your body.

Tui Na encourages the body to restore balance by focusing on the root cause of the problem so changes are long lasting. 

What Your Tui Na Session Will Look Like

Qi sense Question chinese character

A Few Questions

To establish what imbalances are present in your body, we will ask you questions about your main problem(s) as well as your general health. Your Tongue, energy channels and pulses will be checked and taken to help us establish the cause of you pain.  

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What's Going On 

We check for alignment issues, local muscle tone and a variety of changes that highlight the nature of your energy imbalance. We will show you which channels have been affected and how we can help with Tui Na.

Qi sense, Tui Na chinese character, massage

On the Couch

Accordingly to our evaluation, we will use specific techniques to restore the smooth flow of Qi along your channels. We use a variety of massage techniques, stretching of the energy channels, joint rotations and different types of Acu-pressure. You will be  familiar to some techniques, but others that are unique to Tui Na will feel very different.

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Relaxing your Qi

Tui Na massage generally finishes with softer, more superficial clearing techniques to help relax your body and clear any residual stagnation of your energy.  It also helps to re-ground your energy as well as giving you a moment to relax. 

Qi sense, health through flow, river flowing through

Good to Know

Tui Na massage, restoring health through movement


A Tui Na massage can feel very dynamic and invigorating or simply calming and relaxing.



We use varying levels of pressure from deep to subtle according to the condition being worked on. 



We generally use pressure with movement to gradually clear blockages in tight muscles 


Tui Na allows the Qi/blood to flow more freely helping to relieve tension and pain, in the body.