Qi sense therapies, Tui Na (chinese) Massage treatment, Mansfield and nottingham

Qi sense Therapies

We provide traditional Acupuncture and Tui Na massage to help with a wide variety of health issues. We also offer teaching in authentic Tai Chi Chuan in the form of classes and workshops.


Our therapies are tailored to your specific health needs, they address symptoms and problem areas as part of an energetic imbalance in your body. We considered disease as an expression of disharmony within your energetic system and is due to either internal or external causes. 


Our patients come to see us with a wide variety of health and fitness issues. We can help you with PHYSICAL conditions and/or EMOTIONAL issues. Whether your goal is to deal with symptoms naturally without side effects or to comprehensively change your lifestyle on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, we are here to help. 

 The Qi in You

It is the vital life force or energy that flows within your body like water in a river. 

When you are healthy your Qi nourishes and protects your body efficiently.

We consider each of your organs as having a specific energetic function which allows your body to work correctly. 

Your Energy Channels

 The channels of your body are like an invisible electrical circuit in which the electricity/Qi flows. When the electricity flows correctly you are healthy, but when there is a break in the circuit (health issue), the electricity/Qi is blocked.

Yin Yang & Your Health

All things can be considered to be either Yin or Yang. 

Your body can be compared to a candle in understanding your health. The wax/Yin, is your body's structure while the flame/Yang is your body's functions and activities. The wax nourishes and supports the flame so it burns brightly.

When Yin and yang are balanced they support each other and create a healthy body.

Qi sense, acupuncture treatment on hand, Mansfield

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Your Qi HEALTH can be AFFECTED in 3 WAYS:

1. ​Your Environment

Different environmental conditions can cause disease. When your Qi becomes weakened and/or exposed to the elements for a long time, pathogens can penetrate your energy channels causing problems with muscles, bones, joints and internal organs.

2. Your Thoughts & Emotions

Your organs produce emotions and their Qi is affected by these emotions. Each of them influences your Qi in a particular way and if they are out of balance they cause physical and internal stress on the body.

3. Your Lifestyle

Everything in your life has an effect on your Qi. Anything that is excessive or depleting to the body such as an injury, poor diet, overworking, over-exercising, inadequate sleep, causes disharmony in your body resulting in pain, discomfort and disease.

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