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Qi Sense was born from the idea of doing everything in a traditional and authentic way. It is about the awareness of the energy that is in all of us and the connection we have with the fundamental interactions that governing our health.  

Your health is influenced by the balance of yin and yang energy and the interaction of your internal organs through the 5 phases, represented by the 5 colours in 'Sense'. They also expresses how your health is linked to the changing world around you. 


As well as being a medicine, Qi sense represents a way of life that focuses on becoming more aware of the energy within us and listening to our body to remain healthy.


Educate the public in the benefits of  Chinese Energetic therapies and its authentic practice.


Chinese energetic therapies to become an essential part of people's health routine for them to be in control of their own health.


Our body have a normal way of functioning to stay healthy, this is what we call Tao in us. By re-balancing ourselves, we re-align with our own natural Tao.

When we work in a way that is good for the mind & body, we achieve a better level of health.

Meet The Therapist

Qi sense therapist, Neal

The call to Acupuncture

My journey began with Tai Chi Chuan while Studying Sports Science in 2000. Through learning Tai Chi as a complete system of health and self defence, I developed my sensitivity and awareness of Yin & Yang Energy. 

Having learnt that a knowledge of Yin & Yang can be used effectively in health, my interest in Chinese Philosophy and medicine grew. I came across Acupuncture while looking for help with my own health issues, after the first session, I realised that this was what I was meant to be doing.

I graduated from Portsmouth University in 2011 with a Degree in Acupuncture and have been practicing ever since.

I  love what I do, it's an extension of who I am, and how I live my life. It's a joy to be able to help my patients feel better and lead a healthier life!

Working as a Personal Trainer alongside my Acupuncture Training, helped shape my approach to focus on body awareness and correct technique in everything I do. I am continuing my studies in applied channel Theory and Qigong to further develop my abilities in feeling and using my patients energy to improve the effectiveness of the therapies I provide.

On a personal level

I have always lived and preached a healthy and active lifestyle. As a former athlete I trained and competed in Athletics as a 100m/200m Sprinter for many years and won the British Tai Chi Pushing Hands Championships Twice.

I have a passion for Chinese Teas and Calligraphy which are part of my daily meditation and enjoyment.

You will often find me with a cup in clinic. 

My Approach, 'Simplicity & Balance'


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Qi sense, treatments that can help you

How We Can help

Qi flows through your body along energy channels, just as water flows through a river connecting every part of your body to each other.

The circulation of your Qi provides your body with an awareness of what is happening. That is what your therapist assesses to identify which part of the body is problematic and the cause of your health issues.

We focus on the treatments of these issues to restore the balance, not only in the specific area, but to the rest of your system.

We help you based on Chinese theory’s understanding of the body and not Western Medical conditions so we are able to help with a wide variety of issues, as we treat you rather than a condition.