Acupuncture With Qi Sense

The traditional Acupuncture therapy helps restore and maintain health and well-being by rebalancing your body's energy.  


Fine Acupuncture needles are inserted in specific points around your body which have the greatest effect on your body's imbalances.  The needles help to restore  the state of balance between the yin and yang energies and re-stablish a normal smooth flow of qi.


As Acupuncture brings your energy back in balance, your body becomes more aware of how to work through your health problems and become healthy again. 

 A Bit of Background

Acupuncture has been practiced and refined in China with a clinical history of over 2,500 years. The earliest recording of Acupuncture, the Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic (100 BCE) and 'the Great Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion', (1368-1644), are the foundations of the therapies we offer. 

 Our Approach To Acupuncture

We incorporate  a variety of styles and methods of acupuncture including:

TCM, 5 elements, Dr Tan Balance Method and Channel Theory.

All of which are rooted in classical Chinese theory and thinking and allow us to find the most effective acupuncture treatment for your unique health system. 

Qi Sense Acupuncture treatment, Why Acupuncture

Why Acupuncture

Acu-points are like a two way radio station that send and receives signals. When a point is needled, it sends out a message which the body receives and responds to.  The needles work as antenna by helping to boost the signal and telling your body how to correct what is wrong!

What Your Acupuncture Sessions Will Look like

Qi sense, question chinese character

Questions About Your Health issue

We will ask you questions about your main problems as well as some more general health questions that to help us establish what imbalances are present in your body.

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Examining Your Tongue &Pulses

Yes we will ask you to stick out your tongue! Its a diagnostic method we use to see what's happening inside your body by looking for changes in colour, shape ,marks and coating. Your pulses will be taken on both wrists to help confirm what we believe is happening in your body. 

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Palpating Your Energy Channels

We check your channels along the body to identify changes in any of your channels and help us determine which Acupuncture Channels and Points require needling.

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Time to Relax

Once the Acupuncture needles are in, it's time to relax for around 20 minutes while your body begins to make the changes needed to improve your health issue. Our treatments are a comfortable and relaxing experience and we pride ourselves in providing you with a safe, peaceful and tranquil space to get healthy again.

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Acupuncture and Good Health

A unique therapy for your unique health system.

We believe a health system should be a system that focuses on treating health and not treating disease. As we treat you rather than a condition, acupuncture can spot a problem arising before it appears from your symptoms and observations. 

'Don't wait until you are thirsty to dig a well'

Chinese Proverb